Division? Really?

… and then we have this harsh and uncomfortable Gospel passage. Jesus telling us he’s come not for peace but for division. It would be easy to read it as if Jesus loves dividing people – friends, families, communities – but that seems far out of kilter with the rest of the Gospel story. Didn’t he come to give life rather than condemn? …. [To read more, click on title]


This Gospel passage about fruit-bearing set me a-searching – not for the first time, I might say – for evidence of fruit in my own life.  This passage clearly says, if you abide in me, Jesus, you will bear much fruit.  Ok, son … where is the fruit?

My first stocktake wasn’t promising.  Presumably ‘fruit’ means healings and miracles and souls saved, right?  Well, if right, my life is pretty well fruitless.  In fact, I’ve had some big fails ,,,