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Paradigm Shifting

… we can all get caught up in one paradigm or another, one which may or may not have good foundation; and change from one to another is very difficult.  Paradigm shift usually takes time, because proponents of the old are very reluctant to let go, to embrace the new … [To read more, click on title]

Read This: You Won’t be Disappointed

None of us can escape disappointments.  We all have them.  We all must learn to cope with them … [To read more, click on the title.]

The View From the Top

Reunions can be awkward things.  Meeting people you went to school with forty years after you went to school with them can be disconcerting, triggering feelings of painful nostalgia, envy and jealousy, or even smugness, that at least I didn’t turn out like them. Lacking the particular brand of adventurous, or masochistic, spirit required, I’ve avoided them.  Except once … [To read more, click on title]

It’s hard to be humble

Humility is something we recognise in others, but struggle to emulate, and even to define … [To read more, click on title.]

Remembering Paskhas

… give me bunnies, not crosses, eh … [To read more, click on title]


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  1. And very sadly our NZ dairy industry is very much linked to the destruction of the rain forests of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, with a bi-product of palm oil – PKE (palm kernel extract) being imported in enormous quantities as a “necessary” feed supplement for cows, especially on large intensive dairy units.


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