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Sunday services happen weekly at 9.30am.
Bible Study and/or exploration studies held occasionally.
Op Shop operating as per details on Home page. Enquiries: please contact the numbers on the Home page for current information.

March Vigil …
Jackie instigated a ‘vigil’ for Europe, in solidarity/sympathy with Ukraine’s ordeal under the Russian invasion; an art installation was created to enhance prayer and the vigil experience of those who attended through the many hours the church was open to the community.

Remembering …
the dispossessed, the fleeing, the separated
the injured, the dying, the dead
the isolated, the anxious, the scared
the thirsty, the hungry, the sleep deprived
the bombing, the destruction, the desecration
the dislocated, the disoriented, the deprived
today, tomorrow, the future
the children
the loss, the shock, the disbelief
the leaders, the decision-makers, the supporters
the media, the diplomats, the corporates
the courageous, the givers, those of faith …

Here’s a pretty good rendering of what it means to be Anglican, for anyone interested:

Who wants to be an Anglican?
by John Bluck

Oh, and, if you’d like a real Kiwi blessing, check this out: The Blessing


Meditation groups convene at St Francis House every Wednesday morning, 8 – 9am. [On hold during periods of Covid lockdown.]
All are welcome to join with this group.

New to meditation? Introduction sessions are available.
Contact Joan 0211392875 for more information.

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