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Sunday services happen weekly at 9.30am.

Op Shop operating as per details on Home page. Enquiries: please contact the numbers on the Home page for current information.


Men’s Breakfast. This is a monthly event which we do on the last Saturday of each month.
Meet us this Saturday (May 27th) at 8am, St Francis House, Main Rd, Tairua.

Children of the Ukraine. UNICEF requests support their Children of the Ukraine promotion. The children are innocents caught up in a political power struggle.
In support of this, Liz Young is inviting you to bring a pot luck contribution to Tairua Country Club on Wed 31st May at 5.30 pm, plus a note donation. She’d be grateful if you could RSVP if you are coming, and let her know what dish you’re bringing, by emailing her at


On Easter Friday we did out customary ‘walk of witness’ carrying our customary wooden cross up and down the main street of town; followed by an Easter Friday service attended by about thirty people – a suitably sombre service reflecting on the crucifixion perspectives of Pontius Pilate and his wife.
Easter Sunday was a more joyous affair, with more than fifty present, led first in an energetic and colourful presentation/talk by Jackie Francis, and then in a more reflective perspective on ‘Easter Now’ (as opposed to Easter in history), by Rev Joan Fanshawe.


Joyous occasion at the Pepe inlet on March 12th, as five young people were presented for baptism. Lovely occasion, followed by communion, and food ‘n’ drink at the church.

Here’s a pretty good rendering of what it means to be Anglican, for anyone interested:

Who wants to be an Anglican?
by John Bluck

Oh, and, if you’d like a real Kiwi blessing, check this out: The Blessing


Meditation groups convene at St Francis House every Wednesday morning, 8 – 9am.
All are welcome to join with this group.

New to meditation? Introduction sessions are available.
Contact Joan 0211392875 for more information.

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