Division? Really?

… and then we have this harsh and uncomfortable Gospel passage. Jesus telling us he’s come not for peace but for division. It would be easy to read it as if Jesus loves dividing people – friends, families, communities – but that seems far out of kilter with the rest of the Gospel story. Didn’t he come to give life rather than condemn? …. [To read more, click on title]

“Who are my mother and my brothers?”

Have you ever accused someone of being out of their mind?  We are not unaccustomed to making such a statement about people we know today.  A friend takes a bungee jump, and you ask, ‘Has he gone out of his mind?’  Another takes a sky diving lesson and jumps out of a perfectly good airplane, and you ask, ‘Has she gone out of her mind?’  A person of modest income decides to purchase a house obviously beyond his means, and you ask, ‘Has he gone out of his mind?’  There are lots of situations in which we might ask that question of someone we know, but we are shocked when someone asks that question of Jesus …!