Well, it’s time we started a blog.  Everyone’s doing it these days, so why not us?  Why not add to the multi-terabytes out there in cyberspace that nobody reads.  Cyberspace needs more bytes.
Some bloggers have an impact in our world way beyond their worth.  Some bloggers “go viral”, and some even become “influencers”, though when and how one’s rank shuffles from viral to Influencer, who can tell?  That too is a cyber-mystery.

Anyway, blogger, virus or Influencer, it’s time.  And, with breathtaking imagination, I’ve decided to blog first about blogging.


Blogging began in the late fifteenth century.  Because that was when European sailors began tossing logs over their stern to give a measure of speed through the water.  (To digress from this digression, the ropes tethering the logs were knotted, and the speed could be determined (in ‘knots’) from the number of knots hauled overboard by the trailing log.)

Anyways … the log speeds were used for navigation, and recorded.  The logs were called “chip logs”, and the records became, in due course, “ships’ logs”, no bull.  And eventually materialised on TV as Captain James Kirk’s “Captain’s log, Stardate 41153.7. Our destination is planet Deneb IV …”.  Remember them?

Well, in the late 1990s people started various sorts of “logging” (initially just personal journaling) on the World Wide Web, and in ’97 a Jorn Barger called his online journal a “weblog”, later shortened to “blog”.

There you have it!  The history of blogging, instructively laid out in St Francis Church’s first blog.


Today, Wikipedia tells me, “there are more than 570 million blogs on the web.”  And now one of them is us!

I intend to write blogs every ten days for this website, except … if anyone else wants to contribute in my stead, then please let me know.  You are most welcome.  Send me your blog and I will evaluate it, possibly edit it, and then publish it for all the world (or perhaps nobody) to see.  Naturally, blogs will be asserted as the bloggers’ own opinions, and will not be put forward as the general opinion of our church at large.

We’ll soon be viral.  WTS.  (Watch this space.)

Ken F

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