opening of the new entrance foyer

The weekend of Dec 5th and 6th saw the opening and dedication of the recently completed church entrance way (on the 5th) and a ‘renewal service’ for the members of St Francis Church (on the 6th). Both events were well attended. At the opening, the welcome and explanatory remarks were given by Rev Bruce Gilberd, former Bishop of Auckland. Then local leader, Barry Pollard, spoke of the building process and thanked various contributors. Auriol Farquhar read a piece from the Bible describing the dedication of the original Hebrew Temple, in Israel; after which Jackie Francis organised the ‘Unwrapping’ of the new building.

A very long strip of blue bunting had been wrapped around the whole church building, and Jackie gathered various members from the crowd – mostly children – and counted them down to pulling the bunting bow, at which the bunting fell off the entrance and the new entrance was declared Open!

A sumptuous afternoon tea followed for the several dozen people gathered for the event.

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