Mystery on the Road

… just over a year ago when we heard the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this became the topic of conversation with all we associated with. We all talk about these and many other events that happen – in our town, country and the whole world. It’s what we do as human beings. We all have an opinion and we love to share them with others. These conversations are part of our ordinary, everyday lives … [To read more, click on title]

Easter is now!

Easter Day … we are picking up the excitement of the Resurrection.

“The original disciples were shocked into bliss by the Resurrection – and they never recovered.” (the late Sebastian Moore) …
[To read more, click on title]

If we’ve been moved by the accounts of those characters through Lent, how are we moved by the Resurrection? Shocked into bliss?

Dangerous Memory

On Wednesday evening just after Easter I joined the Auckland Jewish community for a memorial service for the Shoah, the Holocaust. During the service, the words “Never forget” were spoken many times. It is an exhortation to an active remembering with the purpose of ensuring that such an event can never occur again; and not just that there could be no such horror again, but that that the seed bed of hatred and discrimination that leads to such things cannot be allowed to be fostered in our society.