The Cana Wedding

Although scant on the details, the passage is dealing with when Jesus reached the right time to begin his public ministry, for him to step past his previous achievements. After thirty years the preparations were complete. His direction was changing. The life of Jesus was about to intersect with the lives of all around him. [To read more, click on the title]


… that touching scene in Luke of the cousins meeting – Mary and Elizabeth – both now pregnant.  Purposeful pregnancies of great and ultimate significance.  John and Jesus, second cousins – cuzzie bros – will bring joy, perplexity, tragedy and, finally, triumph to their mothers.  And for many down the centuries to now.
Elizabeth’s and Mary’s sons would both die turning the world upside down. [… for more, click on title]

Appreciating Mary, Mother of Jesus

Today we give thanks for the part Mary played in the story of God, bringing new life and redemption into this world, through Jesus, God, and Mary’s son.
I also wish to probe what might have been going on in that Nazareth home as Jesus and his siblings grew up there.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, has had a place of honour in the church from the beginning.