Wesley Day

Let us try to go back to 24 May 1738, to the City of London, where we discover an anxious young clergyman called John Wesley, aged 35. He has just returned from a two-year appointment as a missionary in the American colony of Georgia. For various reasons, this placement had ended as an embarrassing failure and caused him, John to question his vocation as a minister and indeed whether he was truly a Christian at all. [To read more, click on the title]

The Sermon on the Plain

Luke’s version of the Beatitudes is very different from Matthew’s. In fact it is a much harsher and demanding set of statements, and is not just about blessings, but also about woes. The poor are blessed, the hungry are blessed, the people who weep are blessed and anyone who is excluded, reviled or defamed because of their belief in Jesus is also blessed; BUT if you are rich, your stomach is full and you are laughing and having a good time, or people speak well of you – well – woe to you … [To read more, click on the title]