(dedicated to Jackie)

She stands ….
Focussed and drawn.
Design etched in the lines of her face.
Hair hangs untrained,
Forgotten in the pursuit
Of her art.

She kneels ….
Detail applies.
Drawing forth a pout and a frown.
Her character defined
In the concentration
Of her brow.

She lives ….
Energised by shape,
And an idea half-formed in mind.
Alive within the work:
Extended arm, and
Fist and brush.

She rests ….
Shoulders reflect.
Critic and judge perform their rites.
A wipe and a knife
Brandished till canvas
Is just right.

She turns ….
But lingers, drawn.
Loathe to abandon a work unfulfilled.
Tempted to stay;
Consumed in the art
That beguiles.

She sleeps ….
Face lines relaxed.
Surrendered at last to the night.
But lost in her dream
She stirs in restless grip
Of ideas.

One thought on “Artist

  1. Love this, so apt.

    Thank you, spent time catching up with my rwadi g the other day, thank you for your efforts and challenges

    Liked by 1 person

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