New Year Resolution

I think the New Year deserves a pome – a resolution pome (with a sometime rime).  Something about focussing on others as the best antidote for loneliness and feeling sorry for ourselves.  Signalling service and volunteerism and any other tactical intent of others-before-me.  As we’ve languished within our four walls for extended periods, Covid and so many other ills have caused us to feel isolated, abandoned, or just fearful and unfriended.

It’s time (especially with Omicron at the gates) to replace fear with hope and get out (electronically or actually) among those who feel anxious with a friendly word or a selfless offer. Chances are you’ll be alleviating the mental health crisis of our time and maybe you’ll get something in return.  But reward or validation is not the aim.

So, yeah, here’s my pome.

“Ring out the old and ring in the new.” (Lord Tennyson, 1850)
Look we forward without further ado.  (Not Tennyson)
Shake the dust off 2021,
And reach with hope for the new year begun.
The old one hurt us; we rue and bleed.
But here comes the new, rolling at speed.

How many years have rolled up behind,
Only to sour or fade in the mind?
But how many joys yet must lie ahead
To tease us with hope and promise instead?

Carry we all our burdens and grief,
But let’s admit that 21 was a thief!
It had no mana, no licence to be
A killer of peace or our joie-de-vie.

So, now, here they come – rising to you
Possibilities looming in 22.
Let’s gather our skirts and step out again:
No time to dwell, no gain to complain.
And here’s a tip to give you a start:
Subordinate self to the challenging art

Of loving and serving and caring for others …

Yes, ring out the old and ring in the new
And embrace what the new year is asking of you.

It’s a new day.  Go for it.

Ken F

One thought on “New Year Resolution

  1. Loved the pome! K you are a gifted pote! God bless you! B I tried to Like your post but my phone is too old it seems. May have to save for one in the new year!

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