Planters of Flowers

A parable:  A homeowner locked up his house and went away for a long time.  It was a beautiful house, in the classic style, but in the course of time it began to run down and deteriorate; and became occupied by a homeless woman.  Other than a comfortable place to sleep, she found little in the house to sustain her, but she did find a store of seeds, which she planted in front of the house.  They grew into a modest flower garden, which the woman tended over many years, and which drew admiration from … [To read more, click on title]

Accepting the Mandate

In the last months and weeks leading up to the birth of our first child I realised that I’d better get serious about being a father.  I wanted to be a great father – the best ever – and I wanted to get it right, right?  So I did what most men do … no, actually, I did what most men won’t do: I got a manual.  I got a book, actually.  I can’t remember where, or why I chose this book, but its title was promising: it was called … [To read more, click on title]