Easter is now!

Easter Day … we are picking up the excitement of the Resurrection.

“The original disciples were shocked into bliss by the Resurrection – and they never recovered.” (the late Sebastian Moore) …
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If we’ve been moved by the accounts of those characters through Lent, how are we moved by the Resurrection? Shocked into bliss?

Take a Risk

You’d think we’d take greater risks as we get older.  Young people take risks.  They have their whole lives ahead of them, so much to live for, and yet seem willing to take inordinate risks with their time and choices and fitness and health.  Older people, not so much.  Yet, having completed a substantial part of their lives, having (perhaps) achieved their goals, having seen their children out of the nest … you’d think that would be the time to step out, do something radical or outrageous … [To read more, click on title]

Questions That Really Matter

… there’s more to be said about dying … There are many views, and so many have no views at all, and it’s a sensitive subject.  It’s something so many dare not think about.  Yet, it’s the most important question anyone can ask: “What happens when I die?  What happened to Grandpa when he died?  What happens to anyone after they die?” [To read more click on title]