The pheasant spoke to me

It occurred to me as I was driving that a smile, in the right conditions, can be like a pheasant (in the right conditions). There were dry fields to left and right of us as we cruised across the Hauraki Plains, and suddenly from the long grass at the side of the road burst aContinue reading “The pheasant spoke to me”

The Long Wait

Any child, and any of us young at heart, will be able to tell about anticipation. Growing up, the excitement of Christmas began to build from the time we changed out of our winter school uniforms and we changed to our summer sports …
… For a very long time this man, Simeon, had been waiting to see the Messiah born. The Holy Spirit had revealed to him that he would live until he had witnessed this event. So, day after day he watched and waited, looking upon each child presented at the temple with expectation and anticipation.

Good News in a Messy World

This has been a very different, very messy and very hard year, Covid 19 sweeping through and changing our world, for adults and children alike. So scary … we didn’t see it coming. So many people throughout the world have died, so many families now without work. All this frightens a lot of us doesn’t it? Part of us takes comfort that we live in New Zealand, far away from trouble spots, but deep down we realize just how fragile this bubble we find ourselves in is. There is nowhere to hide from this deadly disease. The news seems all bad. But is it really?