Against all Odds

For every medal celebrated there are dozens who didn’t make the podium.
If the medallists were winners, were the others losers?
What is winning? It’s by no means standard, even at the Olympics: some win by being first across the line or to the end of the pool.  For other sports, you need to hammer the other guy, or bullseye the arrow, or dance your horse the best, or be the best kickflipper, or maximise air time and minimise horizontal travel (as in the trampoline)! 
Et cetera.
Golds come in all sorts of packages.

On the Other Hand …

A news commentator recently said, “We’ve lost the ability to disagree.”

The 1964 musical Fiddler on the Roof examines issues like tradition and the mixing of competing values; the place of love in long term marriages, and the repression of Jews.  Characters are forced to examine the views of outsiders, and how their own views need to change and accommodate – often to compromise long held beliefs.

God’s voice?

How to hear the voice of God?  That’s the stirring question today.  Uncharacteristically.  These blogs are usually of a general (and random) nature, seldom addressing ‘religious’ topics.  But discerning the voice of God surely enters everyone’s thinking, even the non-religious.  If we’re honest, most of us are often listening out for guidance on big decisions, etc, from somewhere in the cosmos!  Some seek it from tea leaves or crystal balls, but the more discerning would seek voice of ‘God’. 

Easier said than done.