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He haunts the places of the dead.  Every night, the townspeople hear him, shrieking among the tombs.  When they’re quick enough, they catch him, wrap his wrists and ankles in chains, and haul his naked body — securely shackled — back to town. But there’s no containing the crazy; he escapes each time.  Trailing broken chains behind him, he wanders the wilds, tearing at his skin until it bleeds, trading one kind of pain for another.  If he has a name, no one knows it … [To read more, click on title]

Language at Pentecost

In the Book of Acts, Paul us gives us a vivid account of God’s launching of the ‘Church’ into the World, describing the coming of the Holy Spirit, a coming together of people from all parts of the known world.
It is a gathering like no other! Full of wild details that challenge the imagination … tongues of fire, rushing winds, and accusations of drunkenness … [To read more, click on title.]

Why stand ye gazing up?

Witnessing involves being sent. … church is not a place you come to – it’s a place you go from. But it will involve us in going possibly where we don’t want to go and doing things we didn’t think we could do; … [To read more, click on title]

Global and Personal

Anchored in the limitless love of God in Christ, we sustain hope and play our part to ensure the reign of God’s love grows: globally and personally … as God works his purpose out through tragedy and triumph.
And we are his co-workers … [To read more, click on title.]

Some Thoughts on Acts 11

We can preach by thought and word and deed: altering our mindsets, preaching encouraging words, acting on our thoughts, and loving others every moment of the day: helping people witnessing our actions to understand Christ’s message: Salvation comes from God. … [To read more, click on title.]


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