True Inspiration Requires Right Action

… you will recall the old word “Comforter” was used to describe the work of the Holy Spirit. Have you seen the Bayeux Tapestry portraying Norman William’s conquest of England in 1066? William is prodding his sword into the buttocks of the soldiers in front, and the caption is “King William comforteth his troops”.
The Holy Spirit comforts us! That is, prods and stirs us to action!


Beginning Well, it’s time we started a blog.  Everyone’s doing it these days, so why not us?  Why not add to the multi-terabytes out there in cyberspace that nobody reads.  Cyberspace needs more bytes.Some bloggers have an impact in our world way beyond their worth.  Some bloggers “go viral”, and some even become “influencers”, thoughContinue reading “Blogging”